Guiding principles of the book


The purpose of this book

During my career in Executive Search, all the Business Executives I met over the years, inspired me, and and shared their ideas, thoughts, and business world knowledge with me. I experienced and learned and a lot of about Executive Search, about the business world and the people running it. In writing this book, I wanted to share my experiences and also benefit others.


This book has a very personal benefit for every reader

This book has the potential to increase the reader's chances to make positive career changes and as such has very personal importance for everybody, regardless of which target group a reader may belong to at any given moment. This comes into play when a person decides to enter job search, gets a call from a head hunter, gets a job offer from a company or, e.g., unexpectedly becomes unemployed.


By increasing the reader's recruitment-related knowledge, this book helps create and strengthen a positive and confident approach to the recruitment process and diminishes feelings of uncertainty and insecurity. The book offers useful information and advice relevant to these often unplanned and very unexpected situations. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare yourself for this in advance is indeed a benefit, especially if this is your very first time.


Keep it simple

Executive Search sounds difficult, challenging, diverse, complex, exciting, interesting, confidential, even mysterious, and indeed it is all these things. However, you do not need to use difficult and complex words and expressions, when explaining what Executive Search is all about. In this book, I am the most pragmatic and down to earth in my use of language.


While this book is a Best Practise guide into top-level Executive Search that benefits even the most demanding business world executive reader, it is simultaneously the very first book popularising Executive Search to the average person, in a way that’s never been done before. This is a book everyone can understand.



The working processes and actions, the technology, the tools used in the Executive Search industry and how everyday work is done may develop and change over the years. However, the purpose and the goal will always remain the same. To find the right leadership solutions for your clients will always be the main goal. This was as important in 1926, when the first Executive Search firm was founded, as it is today and will be in 2030 and beyond.


The topics in this book have been addressed so that everything said would remain as fresh, current, up-to-date and useful ten or twenty years from now, as it is today. This timeless approach has been a common theme all through this book.


This book is applicable all over the world

This book is generic and applicable anywhere in the world regardless of market or country, not restrained by geography or culture. However, every business everywhere, in any country, must adapt and modify itself according to the local conditions and needs, as does the Executive Search industry. This book takes into account that local conditions always have an impact.