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CamdenPoint has exclusive rights to decide upon any actions relating to printing, publishing, pricing, sales, marketing, distribution and delivery regarding the book
How to Recognise Excellence in Executive Search.



CamdenPoint provides presentations, training webinars, and on-demand consulting on topics relating to Executive Search. 

We give one-to-one webinar training. Price first hour 85 €, then +35 € every starting half-hour (incl. VAT). A 2-hour consulting session includes a free copy of 
How to Recognise Excellence in Executive Search.

In webinars for bigger groups, pricing is webinar specific and defined according to content, participants, and length.


Our newest training webinar subject is Career Change Management 

Many would like to spar and benchmark their ideas and action plans with someone but do not have the opportunity. Here you do.

The webinar is equally for persons in an active, ongoing, career change process, as for persons still only planning a future career change, be it six months, or one year from now. It is also for persons who must react to getting an unexpected call from a Head Hunter or a sudden unexpected job offer. Not always easy to know how to respond. Finally, this is also for persons who have become unemployed, and who would like to get some advice in how to act most efficiently when trying to land a new job.


The webinar gives a thorough “run-through” of what Executive Search is all about, and tells in detail what a good Search Firm and Head Hunter looks like, how Head Hunters work - and how to find an Executive Search Firm suiting your needs. The webinar also provides much general recruiting-related useful information that applies to any form of recruiting. Gives advice and ideas, tells about methods and processes, ways of doing things. The presentation is “keep it simple” and pragmatic. 

Webinars are in Finnish, Swedish and English, and are meant for everyone regardless of background or experience.



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