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For all persons wondering about what it would be like to become a potential Candidate for an Executive Search Firm, those who want to have a look at how everything happens. 

  • Can I become a Candidate? How? What happens in an interview? 
  • My Cover Letter, my CV, what should they look like?
  • What is the Executive Search process like?
  • What does it take to become a winning Candidate?
  • What if the Head Hunter wants to know if I have any references? Is this standard practice?
  • The Head Hunter is calling me right now. This is my very first time. What should I do?


For every Chairman of the Board, every Board Professional, every CEO, every Senior Executive, every Personnel Director.

  • Choosing the right Executive Search Firm is of paramount importance for a company. Not all Executive Search Firms are top-level Firms.
  • The right choice likely brings you success in the future. The wrong choice may bring you down.
  • The Client is looking for a top search professional with outstanding business acumen.
  • Finding the top leadership solutions for a Company is indeed a heavy responsibility and a sign of great trust given to the Executive Search Firm.
  • Executive Search is not just about the recruitment process; it is about much more than that.
  • This book advises how to find, evaluate and choose the right Firm, a Trusted Business Partner.


For all persons wondering about a career in the Executive Search Industry and for those who would like to learn more about what the everyday work looks like. Reading this book is an excellent way to compare your potential and your career ambitions with the challenges and opportunities in the Executive Search Industry.

  • What is the average work day really like?
  • What does it take to become a Head Hunter?
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • What value can Executive Search give me? 
  • What value can I bring into Executive Search?


For current Students in Universities and Business Schools, our future business leaders, but also for the Professors and the academic world in general.

  • Even though a Graduate still has some way to go before qualifying as a Candidate for executive-level positions in an Executive Search Assignment, this book gives an insight into what it takes.
  • This book gives a lot of useful information that is good to know when making future career plans. The years go by fast.
  • Graduates may become Candidates or even Clients of an Executive Search Firm sooner than some may think. Knowing in advance what to expect is undoubtedly a benefit.
  • Professors and the academic world in general are naturally interested in the role the Executive Search Industry has in the business world.


For all Executive Search Firms, all Search Consultants and all Researchers. This book is equally for experienced and seasoned professionals as well as for persons taking their first steps in the industry and is tailored:

  • To give ideas and inspiration in their everyday work.
  • To help attract top professionals when hiring new personnel.
  • To help improve sales and business development activities.
  • To help find and attract top-level Candidates for their Clients.
  • To help them achieve excellence in their work.

For the General Public, where a great many people might be interested in Executive Search.

  • For most people Head Hunters and Headhunting sound exciting, mysterious, thrilling and interesting. And indeed they are!
  • Here is a book for everyone interested in what Executive Search and Head Hunting is all about.
  • This book would also serve as an excellent present to someone.

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