The Book Presentation

The Book Presentation



The Executive Search industry is present all over the world, in every imaginable industry. When a high-end Executive Search firm achieves excellence, it is never due to coincidence or luck. It is the result of years of focused and determined teamwork by top-level search consultants/researchers.


Professionals who never settle for anything less than their very best working together with top-level CEO's, helping them find the right leadership solutions. In this book (272 pages), I will describe how they do it. Please find below the Author's Note, the table of contents and some additional teaser pages:


- Author's Note and Table of contents
- The Business fundamentals of Executive Search
- Executive Search - yesterday - today – tomorrow
- The Search Consultants - the Head Hunters
- Pre-emptive Excecutive Search - for the Client
- I want to become a candidate - how?


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