Career Change Management


Why join the webinar?

  • Few of us knows everything. 
  • Even if we know all the questions - if we only ask ourself, we only get what we already know.
  • Keeping an open mind, listening to and checking out what others think and do, is a strength, not a weakness. 
  • Market leader companies benchmark other companies all the time. 
  • They already are good and successful, so why do you think they do it?
  • If benchmarking confirms you are very good, is this not excellent news. 
  • If benchmarking, on top of that, gives you new ideas for further improvement, even better. 
  • When benchmarking, chances are, you may always find something useful – when not, you risk missing it.


The webinar

This webinar is a detailed run-through of a career change process, gives insight into the factors impacting on your career move and advises:

  • How to define what kind of a job/s you might want to land.
  • How to develop the action plans needed and how to proceed efficiently in a career change process.
  • What to pay attention to when preparing the cover letter, CV, and for the interview.
  • It gives new ideas, approaches, perspectives, out of the box thinking, spin-offs.
  • How to be an active actor – instead of just waiting for a Headhunter’s call or a job advertisement.

In one-to-one webinars, you can ask questions and have a confidential sparring discussion over your career change-related thoughts.



This webinar is based on interviews with thousands of business executives over the years, concerning their career change experiences, motives, ambitions, values, and life priorities. What they felt is good career change practice, what perhaps not and what they felt was "missing". Some points from these discussions:

  • The starting point and the reasons behind a wish to land a new job are always individual.
  • Every career change situation is also individual, so are the questions people wonder about.
  • Even though what happens is simple to understand, once you start a career change process, things are not anymore always as clear and straightforward as they felt a moment ago.
  • Entering a career change process is like entering an ecosystem, with numerous factors that have the potential to either enable or hinder a career move.
  • Most like to confidentially spar their career change plans with someone, and feel having had an open, objective, and diverse exchange of opinions with an outsider has been of great help to them.


Some reflections

A career change should be well-thought, thoroughly planned and properly executed. Still, in practice, career change action plans tend to be insufficient, leaving many wondering about these kinds of things:

  • Sometimes I do not have a clear understanding of what I want to do.
  • I send in numerous applications – and nothing?
  • If I am never invited to interviews, or am invited but never become the winning candidate or even a finalist – why so?
  • Is it the job, the hiring company, the hard competition or something I do?

Career Change 2021 – The job search action plan is a blog article of mine reflecting more on this. 


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