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Unique and comprehensive description of executive search
from on 25/09/2020
Bob Olin’s book provides a truly unique and comprehensive description of contemporary executive search from the perspectives of clients, candidates, as well as the consultants and researchers working in executive search.

This book can be recommended to anyone who wants to understand how a business that is often regarded as secretive works in practice. Especially for potential candidates, the book answers questions before they even come to mind!
Five stars - an industry must-read
from on 10/06/2020
Bob Olin has channeled his expertise and insight based on decades of high quality work in the area of premium executive search.

As I'm currently building up an executive search firm of my own, I'd say Bob's thoughts have been extremely valuable and also a good check list for the definition of 'excellence'.

These days, as the terminology and conception around executive search is getting obscure and all kinds of services are wrapped in the cover of 'executive search', Bob's book acts as a good reminder of industry best practices that ensure that the client value is delivered. As someone believing strongly in transparency, I really enjoyed Bob's way of walking the reader through the process in details, which often during the actual processes might remain something that seems to be a bit behind the smoke curtain from candidates' or clients' point of view.

I strongly recommend reading the book - both for the search industry newcomers but also for the ones that think they've 'been there and done that' (only rare of us have nothing new to learn).

The book is also a great introduction to companies using executive search services and candidates willing to progress their careers.
Highly valuable book
from on 03/06/2020
This highly throughout book offers an excellent insight for those interested in the executive search industry. The author gives a researcher's point of view to the business - this is something that you can't find elsewhere. I can warmly recommend this book.
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